CD「X-DREAM / Remixed」2枚組【プログレ/テクノ/PSYトランス】 [P-CD538]

CD「X-DREAM / Remixed」2枚組【プログレ/テクノ/PSYトランス】 [P-CD538]

販売価格: 2,800円(税込)

トラック:CD 1
1. Radio (Eat Static Remix)
2. Out Here We Are Stoned (Shpongle Remix)
3. Our Own Happiness (Dickster Remix)
4. Parent Plant (Sybarite Remix)
5. Eleven (Atmos Remix)
6. Do You Believe (Astral Projection Remix)
7. Children Of The Last Generation (4D Remix)
8. Psychomachine (Midimiliz Remix)
9. Freak (Saafi Brothers Remix)

トラック:CD 2
1. Out Here We Are Stoned (Mad Tribe Remix)
2. Psychoactivity (Joujouka Remix)
3. Panic In Paradise (ManMadeMan Remix)
4. Freak (G.M.S. Remix)
5. Telegram (Loud Remix)
6. Pacemaker (Deedrah Remix)
7. The Second Room ( A-Trip ) (Man With No Name Remix)
8. Intercorporal Stimulator (Midimiliz Remix)
9. Clone III (Blue Planet Corporation Remix)